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News 10: Summary, 22-04-12

Page history last edited by Natasha Cherednichenko 11 years, 12 months ago

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The Global Teenager Project

Newsletter of the "Environmental Sustainability"  

 Phase 5: Summary 

     Week 10: 23 - 29 April 2012
Dear friends,
we are in the 10th week of the Learning Circle, the second and last week dedicated for posting your summaries in the wiki.
Update of the Learning Circle

Here is the Learning Circles update. We thank env2, env6 and env9 for already posted summaries on the Summaries page. For details on how to write te summary, please refer to last weeks' newsletter    

Important Information
Criteria for a quality summary:
  • is posted on time  
  • the summary should not be a "Copy/Paste " of answers from other groups. It should be the  summary of what you have learnt during the process.
  • includes what you learnt from your research and the LC answers.
  • the minimum number of words in the summary should be for a Research Based LC is 400. 
Enjoy the Learning Circle, Natasha Cherednihcenko
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