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News 9: Summary, 15-04-12

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The Global Teenager Project

Newsletter of the "Environmental Sustainability Learning Circle"

Phase 5: Summary

Week 9: 16- 22 April 2012
Dear friends,
Welcome to the "Summary" phase. This is the 9th week of the Learning Circle and the first of two weeks dedicated for posting your summaries.
Update of the Learning Circle
We have posted the update of the Learning Circle. We have 100% of answers posted. Well done and thank thank you for your commitment!  Looking forward to read your wonderful summaries.
Agenda for the week
We are in the first week of the "Summary" phase. This phase is meant to organise, summarise and reflect on the information received. Every class will read the answers to their question and write a Summary which they will all post on ONE page for all the schools to enjoy.

The students who post a question are responsible for using the information received and make comparisons across the different regions; for collecting and for editing the material. This process will help them to learn how to review, summarise, evaluate and present information. Remember that also summarising is more than "cut and paste" and an essential 21st century skill. Making a Learning Circle summary actually helps your students to learn and apply that skill.

The following questions are a great way to help students in the summarising process:
  • Why did we ask the question?
  • What did we know about the theme when we started?
  • What did we learn in our classroom?
  • What did we expect to learn?
  • What did we learn from the responses of the students?
  • What was similar or different in the research answers received from the Learning Circle partners?
  • Why do we think these differences exist

Once done, please go to the Summaries Page and post your summary in the page with your school name.

Important Information
Criteria for a quality summary:
  • is posted on time
  • the summary should not be a "Copy/Paste " of answers from other groups. It should be the  summary of what you have learnt during the process.
  • what you learnt from your research and the LC answers.
  • the minimum number of words in the summary should be for a Research Based LC - 400.
Enjoy the Learning Circle,
Natasha Cherednichenko
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