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3. Questions, February 27  - March 11 2012


Week 2-3
Each class formulates a question related to the Learning Circle theme, according to the criteria for a quality sponsored question.




env1, Chavakali High School, Kenya, Question:



Rainforests are known for its capacity to effectively clean environmental pollutions.

Yet heavy deforestation is taking place in the world: already around 60% of the region being covered by forest in the world has been cleared.

So our main question is: What can be done to stop further deforestation in the world?


Please include:

1)     Research what your government in your country already does to lower the use of wood from rainforests (export and import)

2)     Research what your school community could contribute to lower the use of wood from rainforests

3)     Discuss the outcome of 2) and prioritize the 3 most effective activities in your school community.



env2, The Bishop Strachan School, Canada, Question:


In our class, we are examining sustainability from a geopolitical lens.  Our questions are more global in focus, but we are wondering what the various nations in our learning circle are thinking about some of the dilemmas were are grappling with.


  1. How does one define a global issue on sustainability?
  2. Can we tackle one issue at a time, or do we have to work towards improving all of the at the same time, if our goal is to change environmental conditions for all life on earth?
  3. Why are international protocols and policies not being maintained?
  4. If most of the countries in the world were on a level playing field economically, what might our world like like when in relation to environmental crises?




env3, Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute, Canada, Question:



Aboriginal peoples living near Canada’s boreal forest rely on forest plants for food and medicine. Plants are harvested by traditional methods to maintain natural habitats and local biodiversity. However, these traditional practices are threatened as


more areas are subject to development and commercial resource exploitation.


Our Question:

How are strategies for the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants being used by small communities and traditional healers in your country? In what other ways does your society use plants to sustain your population while also supporting environmental sustainability?

For example: sustainable agricultural practices such as crop rotation and seed saving.




env4, Cedarbrae C.I, Canada Question:

What is your ecological footprint? From knowing this, what is your main carbon dioxide emission source? How can you reduce your footprint? Is there a government initiative to reduce this footprint? 


env5, Calvary Temple A.G, Liberia Question:


We are concern about water pollution and its impact on the earth hydrosphere. We have join a number of environmental group on the advocacy for WATSAN(water and sanitation)program. A program highlighting the importance of water and control of water pollution from domestic sewage.Your response to the following questions will help us in our advocacy. 

1. What can we do as future citizen to help save the earth waters from pollutants that are detrimental to marine plant and animals and that may have subsequent impact one safe drinking water.

2. Do your country have a clean water act to help protect waters from pollutants?If yes,how has the clean water act been effective in mitigated water pollution control.If no,What policy or program are into place to help control water pollution.

3.What are some point source of water pollution in your country?What regulatory measures are in place to control the flow of pollutants from these source.

4What is your advised or any additional comments about water pollution and control?


env 5







env6, Morning Star School Limited, Ghana Question:

  1. Write down ten ways on how to sustain the environment and give me six reasons why one should sustain the environment and explain.
  2. What are the effects of pollution to your environment?







env7, COLEGIUL ECONOMIC BUZAU, Romania Question:


    Are people in your country who are developing projects for supporting the environmental  sustainability?

What these projects involve?





env9, Grupul Scolar Tehnic Nehoiu, Romania, Question:



After a meeting with the universe council, we found out that there are not only 3Rs

(reusing reducing, recycling) and it looks like the Force materialized another R. The elders decided to use this power for mankind’s wellness. But during the last Ice Age, it has been lost. We need you to embark into an exciting adventure to find the 4th R. Only by uniting our forces, we can change the course of time and save the planet from the imminent danger of destruction.



Which do you think is the 4th R and why? (We will give you some options)

a) Recreate

b) Refusing

c) Refill

What is your contribution to help save the environment by reusing, reducing, recycling and… (4th R)…?





Keep your eyes wide open and do something to protect until is not too late!









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Natasha Cherednichenko said

at 4:11 pm on Mar 10, 2012

Dear all,
that's an example of super LC work. All questions posted few days before the deadline.
Well done and keep a good work.

Natasha Cherednichenko
LC facilitator

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