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1. Preparation , February 13 - February 19 2012


Week 0
invitation from the Wiki and posting a test message. Introduction workshop, teachers prepare their students for participation in the Learning Circle. Discussion of responsibilities, skills, knowledge, awareness. Communicate with GTP Country Coordinator and Leaning Circle facilitator.





Dear participants

Please use the space beneath this message to post your test messages. You can find your classcode on the

Participating Schools  page


Kindly use your classcodes to enable us to recognize your class. Posting your test messages means that your wiki accounts has been created and your class is ready for the start of the Wiki Learning Circle.


Before posting your test message, click on "Edit" menu above.

After posting your message, remember to click on "save" before exiting the page.


Hoping to reading your  test messages,

Natasha Cherednichenko


env1, Chavakali High School, Kenya

Hello Learning Circle partners!! 

Test Message.


env2, The Bishop Strachan School, Canada

HI Natasha and partner schools,  my name is Helen Pereira-Raso and I am teaching Grade 12 World Geography: Human Interactions and Patterns.  What course or grade are your students in?


env3,  Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute, Canada

Hi everyone! So excited to be here, this is going to be a great activity for both us and our students! My name is Ashlyn Young, I am a Biology teacher at Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Ontario. For our learning circles I have chosen both of my grade 11 biology classes to work collaboratively on completing this exciting task.

Looking forward to working with you all!





env4, Cedarbrae C.I, Canada

Hello! Test Messages from Toronto, Canada!  My name is Brandon Zoras Chemistry Teacher at Cedarbrae, I will be working on this project with my grade 11 chemistry class.


env5, Calvary Temple A.G, Liberia



env6, Morning Star School Limited, Ghana



Test message



Hello from Romania!


env8, Petrik Lajos Vegyipari, Környezetvédelmi és Informatikai Szakközépiskola, Hungary



env9, Grupul Scolar Tehnic Nehoiu, Romania


Test message!



Comments (5)

Bob Hofman said

at 10:59 am on Feb 17, 2012

Hi Brandon..... looking forward a lot seeing your collaborative learning process and outcome in the LC... have fun!

Brandon Zoras said

at 3:37 am on Feb 17, 2012

Hello Bob, and Helen,

Nice to meet you both! I am excited for this project and just met with Anita during lunch the other day. The students are super excited as well to start. We took our class picture today and getting our intro posts for next week.


Helen said

at 10:35 pm on Feb 16, 2012

Hi Bob, look forward to meeting you and connecting with you at Bishop Strachan, or as we like to call it BSS. If you are in Toronto earlier, it would be great to meet you sooner.

Hi to Ashlyn and Brendon, nice to meet some Canadian counterparts. I am also in Toronto just a little we of you at Cedarbrae. We are in the Eglinton and Spadina area

Ashlyn said

at 11:45 pm on Feb 15, 2012

Hi Bob! I remember you! I'm glad you had a great time at Cedarbrae in November, we were very happy to have you. Looking forward to working with you on this future project.

Bob Hofman said

at 11:23 pm on Feb 15, 2012

Hi Ashlyn, so nice to read your name here, have such good memories to Cedrabrae school visit in November 2011 :-)
Hi Helen, and hope to visit Bishop Strachan School during our next visit in November 2012... sooo much to learn :-)
Wish you all participants in this LC an exiting learning experience... learn with the world; not about it!!

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