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Page with question from env6 and space to add your answers

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env6, Morning Star School Limited, Ghana Question:

  1. Write down ten ways on how to sustain the environment and give me six reasons why one should sustain the environment and explain.
  2. What are the effects of pollution to your environment?




Answer from env1


1. Write down ten ways on how to sustain the environment and give me six reasons why one should sustain the environment and explain.


1. Planting of trees

For a long time tree have been known to be the cure for the earth pollution .As the youth who are living in the 21st century we should plant trees in our environment in order to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. T he trees are also known to be the water catchment areas in made countries. In Kenya the Mau forest is the main source for many rivers example river Nzoia

2. Picking of the litter

This can be done by fixing of litter collection points in cities and even rural areas .This reduce the amount of pollution brought a bout by the waste materials like papers

3. Setting up of recycling projects

This is effective in areas where they is a lot of production of polythene papers, agricultural waste and even house waste .The project will change the waste materials into more useful products for example the agricultural waste such as maize corps can be made into charcoal ,which can be used as a fuel.  

4. Treating of sewages 

This help to reduce the rate of death of water animal’s .It will also bring down the rate of water contamination thus reducing water borne diseases to the people using the water

5. Use of renewable sources of energy

Some of the renewable sources of energy include wind which is also non pollutant .Fuels like this one therefore reduce the ecological footprint of the biosphere

6. Use of environmentally friendly fuels

This means fuels that does not cause any pollution to the environment for example electricity this is being achieved in Kenya through a program called rural electrification 

7. Educating of the public 

The public should be educated on importance of living in a clean place this helps them to continue taking care of environment

8. Inventing new methods of conserving the environment

This will reduce the rate of which environment pollutions takes place

9. Preventing deforestation  

Deforestation is the cutting down of trees without being replaced .Therefore if we stop it from happening we will be protecting the animal’s habitat and also medicinal plants found in the forests

10. Use of organic manure

Organic manures are natural products used by farmers to provide food (plant nutrients) for the crop plants. There are a number of organic manures like farmyard manure, green manures, compost prepared from crop residues and other farm wastes, vermicompost, oil cakes, and biological wastes - animal bones, slaughter house refuse.



1. It adds beauty to our habitat

Where some one has put up a home it is obviously that the place around the house will be covered by plant. This plants help to provide a good condition for living.

2. Source of income 

People log trees which they therefore sell as a product thus earning them foreign exchange, but this is being discouraged because it leads to deforestation.

3. Water catchment areas

Forest for a long time have been known to be the leading sources of many rivers in the world. If we sustain our environment we be protecting the our waters. 

4. Improves agricultural produces

Many countries especially in Africa depend largely on agriculture for the growth of there economy. The produces also depend on the climate, a good climate will lead to a high produce while a bad  climate will lead to low produce.

5. Habitat for wild animals 

The environment is a habitat for wild animals. The animals also contribute to the countries economy because tourists visit the animals giving the country foreign exchange.

6. Purifiers the air 

The trees are known to use carbon (iv) oxide during respiration. Animals use oxygen and produce carbon (iv) oxide therefore the animals help to reduce the rate of the gas in the air acting as purifier.



What are the effects of pollution to your environment?


1.Global warming
Green house effects that lead to warming of the earth.

It’s caused by burning fuels that create carbon dioxide.

2.Destruction of ozone layer

Chlorofluorocarbon gases that erode the ozone layer leads to more ultra-violet light reaching the earth.

3.Skin cancer

Due to ozone layer being eroded and more ultra-violet light reaching the earth. It causes skin cancer which is caused by the ultra-violet rays reaching the earth.

4.River pollution and soil pollution

River pollution causes the water to be contaminated this makes it unsuitable for human consumption It consumed it can lead to diseases and other fatal health problems.


Due to increase in the world temperature the ice in mountain will melt increasing the water capacity that will exceed the earth water bodies to hold them therefore causing floods.

6.Increase amount of carbon (IV) oxide in the air

Due to burning of carbon fuels, it produces carbon (IV) oxide in the air which cannot be used all by plant thus increasing it rate.

7.Destruction of the land

High temperature leads to death of plant. This will leave the land bear making erosion to occur thus destroying the land.

8.Low production of Agricultural product

This is caused by flood, high temperature and lack of rain all due to pollution.

9.Chang in the weather pattern

This is where the rain does not rain the usual time and even the dry seasons are longer.

10.Extinction of some species

Plants and animals species which cannot sustain the changes in the environment will end up dying. This makes them to disappear completely.



env1, Kenya, Chavakali High School

Answer from env2

  1. Write down ten ways on how to sustain the environment and give me six reasons why one should sustain the environment and explain.


Ten ways to sustain the environment

1)    When brushing your teeth, it is smart to turn off the water.  In doing this small action, one could save 10 quarts of water each time, adding up to 500 000 quarts throughout your life.

2)    Instead of driving to school or work, try taking the bus, walking or biking.  If driving is a necessity, carpool instead.  

3)    Producing meat takes several times the land and water as opposed to wheat and vegetables.  Therefore, consuming less meat is more sustainable.

4)    Planting trees creates cleaner air.  Creating a vegetable garden is a sustainable way to feed your family, causing less production pollution.

5)    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! J

6)    Instead of using plastic grocery bags, use reusable ones.  As well, when packing a lunch, use plastic containers instead of plastic bags.  This will cause less waste. 

7)    Don’t overcharge electronic devices. 

8)    Instead of drinking bottled water, drink tap water that has been filtered.  Bottled water creates a large amount of waste that is unnecessary. 

9)    Instead of always buying books, borrow them from a library.  This saves money and the paper and ink used to print the books.

10)Educate people about how to be sustainable and what sustainability is. 


Six reasons why one should sustain the environment


1)    Future generations will need the resources that we use every day.  It is our responsibility to sustain the environment so that future generations can enjoy it the way we do.

2)    Since we only have one world we must protect it and ensure that all resources are used effectively.

3)    Sustaining the environment adds monetary value to our landscape.  It makes it more appealing and as well as attracts tourism, which acts as a source of income for many people. 

4)    If we take care of our land, it will increase agricultural productivity.  This is important so that we can lead healthy lifestyles.

5)    Plants and trees provide us with food and medicine.  In order for us to lead healthy lives, we must put our energy towards creating sustainable communities. 

6)    The actions that we take now are permanent, so we must be careful with the ways in which we use our environment, as it will affect it in the long run. 




  1. What are the effects of pollution to your environment?


Air has negative impacts to humans.  It causes health problems such as asthma, cancer, and birth defects.  Furthermore, air pollution damages the ozone layer, which is critical in protecting us from ultraviolet rays.  As well, air pollution makes food less nutritious.  Water pollution also affects wildlife and the food chain.  



Answer from env3



  1. Write down ten ways on how to sustain the environment and give six reasons why one should sustain the environment and explain.


  • Recycle
  • Plant trees
  • Reduce electricity use
  • Use eco-friendly products
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Reduce wastes
  • Carpool
  • Reduce the use of paper
  • Help clean the environment (clean community parks)
  • Avoid using pesticides on crops

One should sustain the environment because…

  • In order to prolong the life of Earth because there might not be another Earth to live on.
  • To protect the lives of plant and animal species
  • To help reduce the effects of global warming
  • We are exceeding the carrying capacity Ex: in China, couples can only have one child because their population has exceeded their carrying capacity
  • Extinction of species; things we see today may not be here for later generations.
  • Protect the rainforests; certain companies support saving the rainforests and encourage their customers to buy their products to raise money.
  1. What are the effects of pollution in your environment?


  • It destroys our ozone layer in other words global warming
  • We lose most of our species (animals and plants)
  • We lose oxygen
  • Disease outbreaks


Answer from env4


Ten ways to sustain t he environment:


1. Turn off the water when you are brushing saves 10 quarts of water a time 500,000 quarts in a lifetime

2. Install flow water saves up to 50 percent water usage

3. Take the bus, ride your bike or walk at least once a week.

4. Reduce your meat consumption. It takes several times the land and water to produce meat as opposed to vegetables and wheat. You will be healthier too. If you’re worried about protein eat beans and remember some vegetables contain protein too.

5. Plant a tree; it is a good way to save our environment. Even we get shade and clean air from the tree “Go Green”.


6. Plant your own herbs and vegetables, use no chemicals and the food do not have to travel far to your kitchen, no fuel used.


7. Reduce and Recycle. Reduce your consumption there is less to reuse and recycle!


8. Don’t use plastic grocery store bags or if you can buy an environment product bag.

9. Use a drying rack or clothesline to save the energy.

10. Use a water filter to purify tap water instead of buying bottled water. Not only is bottled water expensive, but it generates large amounts of container waste.


The six reasons to sustain the environment are the following:

1.It could affect future generations; the actions taken by us as human beings  now, is going to determine the environment the future generation could live in.

2.If we don’t sustain the environment now, we are going to be really sorry, because more ice sheets/glaciers causing several floods and causing sea levels to rise.

3.The actions taken by us humans are killing innocent species, polar bears will soon have no habitat because of the melting ice sheets, and the result will be extinction of the innocent polar bears.

4. Coal being burned in factories to produce electricity, household waste and other harmful pollutants are the activities done by us humans, is releasing lots of carbon dioxide which is effecting the environment causing problems, such as, climate change.  To sustain the environment we should not cut down energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions, and using better environmental friendly sources of energy.

5.The human activities are making the earth polluting too much that if we don’t stop now, our lungs will not be able to get fresh air and also there are going many diseases that can harm humans.  To sustain the environment we need to stop polluting, such as using energy efficient cars, etc.

6. Sustaining the environment is really important because we rely on the health of the environment, especially nutrients from the ground.  The plants and trees provide us with food, medicines, oxygen, and etc. To sustain our environment we should stop cutting down trees, so that it can still provide us with oxygen supply with other plant/tree nutrients.



Pollution on The Environment

The effects of chemical pollution are not only on the environment; harming plants and animals, but it also harms us humans, this happens because the chemicals react with the tissue in the body and change the structure and function of the organ, causing abnormal growth and development of an individual, or bind with the genetic material of cells and causing cancer.

Atmospheric Pollution-nitrogen dioxide (NO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and carbon monoxide (CO)

NO2 and SO2 combine with water forming acids; these chemicals contribute to long term destruction of the environment because of acid rain. This acid rain causes the problems to those species which cannot tolerate this acid rain: fish, insects, aquatic plants and bacteria, some even die. These chemicals are affecting their entire food chain. CO binds with metallic pollutants and causes them to be more mobile in the air and water.


Water Pollution

Fresh, clean and drinkable water is necessary but is a limited resource on the plant. Industrial, agricultural and domestic wastes can also contribute to pollution. The most common types of water pollutions are heavy metals, inorganic pollutants and organic pollutants. Heavy metals would be transition metals which damage internal organs. Inorganic pollutants make water undrinkable or unsuitable for the support of animal and plant life.











Answer from env5

  1. Write down ten ways on how to sustain the environment and give me six reasons why one should sustain the environment and explain.
  2. What are the effects of pollution to your environment?


There are many ways we can help to sustain our environment. Achievement in technological advancement has continued to threaten sustainability in the environmental context. However, we can sustain the environment by adapting the following environmental friendly practice:

  2. By riding commercial vehicles or bike to school to reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  3. By advocating for reforestation and trees planting
  4. By remembering the three Rs-Reduce, Recycle and Reuse
  5. By going Green –reducing energy use
  6. Be chemical free
  7. By supporting the paperless campaign
  8. Promoting environmental friendly campaign
  9. Developing respect for nature


Sustaining the environment is essential because it helps safe our planet from global warming, drought, pestilence, protects other animal species within our ecosystem and to make the world a better place for future generations.We are proud to mention that we a part of the campaign to plant  100 million trees by 2017 with the Enoprogramme school network.We see this as support for environmental sustainability.



Env 5



Answer from env7

 1)   We protect the environment by using solar energy, waste sorting, use bicycles, lower water consumption, energy savings, using wind energy, protect forests, recycling Bottles location of factories outside the cities, water energy use. Should support environment because pollution primarily affects people and their lives, because the environment gives us food and water we need to live,  because if we take care of our environment, we will have healthier lives,  so that environmental changes affect climate change, and these are just some of the reasons why you should protect the environment.


Air Pollution Effects (Ref. 1, 2)

  • Reduced lung functioning
  • Irritation of eyes, nose, mouth and throat
  • Asthma attacks
  • Respiratory symptoms such as coughing and wheezing
  • Increased respiratory disease such as bronchitis
  • Reduced energy levels
  • Cancer
  • Premature death

Water Pollution Effects :

Waterborne diseases caused by polluted drinking water:

  • Typhoid
  • Amoebiasis
  • Giardiasis 
  • Ascariasis
  • Hookworm

Waterborne diseases caused by polluted beach water:

  • Rashes, ear ache, pink eye
  • Respiratory infections
  • Hepatitis, encephalitis, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach aches

Soil Pollution Effects:

  • Causes cancers including leucaemia
  • Lead in soil is especially hazardous for young children causing developmental damage to the brain
  • Mercury can increase the risk of kidney damage; cyclodienes can lead to liver toxicity
  • Causes neuromuscular blockage as well as depression of the central nervous system
  • Also causes headaches, nausea, fatigue, eye irritation.



Answer from env8



Answer from env9


      1. You know that the environment is very important, because it's our place to live.

     In nature, we can find the primordial elements: water, air, fire and earth. Our planet gives us all what we need, but we don't do enough for it. We are destroying everything. Pollution is everywhere...

     We have a thousand reasons for protect the environment, and most important reason is that the environment is all around us and the environment gives us food, water and air without which we could not live. If the natural balance of the environment is destroyed, life on Earth will disappear.

     We must protect the  environment for our  good and but also for the good of future generations.

     But what can we do to protect the environment?

     Well, we  can:

  • reduce air pollution by using bicycles for transportation instead of personal cars, thus reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • throw trash in special places, and thus maintain a clean environment
  • recycle, to protect natural resources
  • reuse, to protect natural resources
  • limit consumption to avoid wasting water and electricity
  • use renewable energy sources
  • plant trees in deforested areas


     2. Air pollution has a negative impact on the organisms causing various diseases, and air emissions of chemicals can cause acid rain that is destroying vegetation and poisoning the drinking water.

      Water pollution induced destruction of regional ecosystems and death of birds and fish.

     Pollution of land isn't affecting directly our health, but by eating fruits and vegetables grown in polluted areas we we can get sick, severity depending by the concentration and type of pollutant, as found in plants.




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