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6. Closing, April 30 - May 6 2012


Week 10
Learning Circle teachers and students complete Survey and post a goodbye message.
Official closing of the Learning Circle by facilitator. 




Goodbye Messages env1, Chavakali High School, Kenya


Hello members of our learning group which was environmental sustainability. It has been a good session where we have been sharing our issues together. I cant imagine that the whole eleven weeks are now history to us, but it is a good history because they have made a positive change towards educating us about our environment. As the saying goes every end of a good event is the start of the other. I hope there are many other good things a waiting for us in the future. Thanks for all who made this session to be successful and interactive the way it has been for now we say good bye to you all.



Chavakali High School, Environmental Sustainability team






Goodbye Messages env2, The Bishop Strachan School, Canada


Dear friends from around the world and here at home, thank you so much for this learning opportunity.  We are now preparing to head into exams and our final projects for the year as our school year is now shifting to school end.  We had a wonderful time thinking about your questions and contemplating your answers.  We are all new to this experience, including our teacher, and we really enjoyed being able to understand the context from which you present your questions and which you brought to your responses. 


We hope everyone has a successful end to the school year and had a fun and relaxing summer break.


All the best, 

The girls at Bishop Strachan School School





Goodbye Messages env3, Cedarbrae Collegiate Institute, Canada

Hi everybody!


Well it's been weeks in the making, hours of research, and elaborate amounts of collaboration, and I must say the outcome is monumental! We at Cedarbrae would like to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation to all those involved in our LC and to all who are involved in keeping the GTP going. It's always been said that true learning is inspired through teachable moments. This experience for us has been unforgettable and so rich with education, determination, and global collaboration towards a common goal to which we are all passionate; environmental sustainability.


Often in our teachings we talk about climate change, global warming, and issues related to environmental sustainability. We discuss hypothetical situations, how climate change is affecting areas around the world, and what we can do from our end here to help prevent and repair further damage.  This experience for us, has been truly unique, fulfilling, and engaging for both myself and my students as we have had the chance to discuss first hand the problems humanity is facing on a global scale.


It is often hard as a student to really connect with these environmental problems on a global scale, as most students have not had the opportunity to travel to these locations to witness it themselves. This experience has enabled students to bring these very real issues into the classroom through the use of technology in order to discuss solutions with true meaning. The questions presented within this LC are real questions, real scenarios that we now can all relate to through the use of this Wiki and the personalization of our messages. 


From all of us at Cedarbrae Collegaite Institute, in Ms. Young's biology classes, we would like to genuinely thank you for enriching our learning experience and broadening our scope in relation to environmental sustainability on a global scale.


Your friends in sustainability,


Ms. Young, BIO1 and BIO2





Goodbye Messages env4, Cedarbrae C.I, Canada


Hello All!


What a wonderful learning experience our class has had.  We are very honoured to work with so many dedicated students from around the world to try and solve a global issue.  I think programs like this will inspire youth to become leaders and get involved.  We learned from each country and that it is not just a local problem but something we must all work together to fix.  I would love to be part of a similar project next year and my students felt that technology has brought us closer to the world.  


A quote from a famous Canada Environmentalist: 


“The human brain now holds the key to our future. We have to recall the image of the planet from outer space: a single entity in which air, water, and continents are interconnected. That is our home.” - David Suzuki


Please check this video he has made http://testtube.nfb.ca/#/testtube


Thank you all for an unforgettable, rich, and thought provoking learning experience 


Mr Zoras and the Cedarbrae C.I. Grade 11 Chemistry Class




Goodbye Messages env5, Calvary Temple A.G, Liberia


Dear Colleagues


We are glad that our participation in the circle was an eye opener for us.For most of us it is our first time participating in such a unique learning circle that gives us the opportunity to learn and share.We are concluding our school year and preparing for our physical exchange year in the United States.We hope to pass on our knowledge gain as we  conclude our year in Liberia with a sign post project that would use cartoon and simple Liberia English on how to control waste and the effect of water pollution.Thanks to our coordinator,Mr.Jacob Bandiyo,iEARN-Liberia and the GTP Family for this glorious opportunity. Cheers

ENV 5.




Goodbye Messages env6, Morning Star School Limited, Ghana 


Dear colleagues.

We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of this Learning Circle. We do not regret being part of this wonderful event. In fact we have enjoyed it. It gave us the opportunity to show our brain power. It also enabled members to share their ideas on the environment. This Learning Circle has been a delightful and enlightening experience.

In a nutshell, we have enjoyed every moment we shared. We will forever look back to this moment with nostalgia.










Goodbye Messages env7, COLEGIUL ECONOMIC BUZAU, Romania

Dear friends,


         Again it was a great opportunity to speak with all of you and debate another interesting theme, and of course to make new friends!

    This time we debated something really important for all of us: the environment; and we hope that after we saw all your great ideas and opinions we will see some changes .


    We were pleased to answer to all of your questions, and very happy to find out that all of you are aware of the importance of the environment sustainability .

    Our activity ends now unfortunately, but who knows, maybe we will have another chance to participate on others projects together.


    It was a great experience, and we hope that this kind of project will continue to be developed in our high-school!


    Have a great summer holiday ! Have fun!



Best wishes!





Teacher's letter:



     Here we are  at the end of another GTP year! I think it was a productive one because the students surely benefited from it.

The themes were interesting, as always, and our students did their best to come up with good answers. The most important things are , in my opinion, team work as well as practising language and computer skills.

Have an excellent holiday!



All the best,

Catalina Ilie


Goodbye Messages env8, Petrik Lajos Vegyipari, Környezetvédelmi és Informatikai Szakközépiskola, Hungary





Goodbye Messages env9, Grupul Scolar Tehnic Nehoiu, Romania



Dear friends,


     We are glad that we had the opportunity to know you and find out about your concerning.

We think it was an interesting LC this semestre and the theme we aborded was one of the most disputed subject and is still controversial because it is useful and is harming us in the same time, especially now when we confront with the problem of pollution and this new technology is helping grow faster the pollution of the air,water and soil.


         We hope we met next LC too to find new questions and new solutions to the major problems of the world and that will be interesting like every semestre! We also wish you a happy and funny summer holiday!










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